Cheap Fishing Tackle. Best value fishing gear for your budget

Cheap has a bad reputation. In fact ANY company selling ANY product would shy away from describing their products as cheap. A sales representative would say that their product was good value, economical, budget oriented, anything but cheap! This site cuts through the marketing and hype, and discusses cheap fishing tackle.

With complete sets of top of the range fishing equipment running into thousands of pounds, clearly, for most people, compromises must be made. Especially for beginners, children, casual anglers and fishermen on a budget. Even experienced anglers will agree that there are some items of tackle, equipment or bait that they would never compromise on, and other things that hardly matter at all to the end result. That end result might involve excitement, adventure, relaxation, peace and tranquility… Not to mention a few fish posing for the camera!


Lets call a spade a spade. Cheap fishing tackle makes sense.

In any industry there are cheaper products and more expensive ones… Right?

Father and son fishing on a lake. They have basic, cheap fishing tackle but are so happy

No need to wait until you have all the best fishing gear. You can have some amazing experiences with your cheap fishing tackle.


For some people, money is no object and they will always buy the most expensive, regardless of whatever they are buying. If they are taking up a new hobby they might buy every accessory you can think of, all top of the range. They might find out later that they do not enjoy the hobby, or that they never use the products. We have all heard of the fashion victims who have unworn shoes and clothes in the closet, labels still attached.

At the other end of the scale we have the people who really need to buy the cheapest, most inexpensive available product. If you are struggling to eat and keep a roof over your head, you are unlikely to buy anything that is top of the range.

In between, there are the majority of people. These people have excess cash after paying for essentials, then they make a value judgement on what they are planning to buy.


Life involves many choices. Great choices make for happy lives.

For example, if you had £100 per month after basic living expenses what would you do with it? You might dream of a luxury holiday, a complete fishing set, some new clothes, a new car, and some furniture. If you were to save this £100 per month, in a year you would have £1200. Are you likely to spend all of it on a new suit? Would you buy an antique table for £1200? It is more likely that you will allocate portions of your available income to different things. You might set aside £20 per month towards the holiday, £30 towards fishing equipment, and buy an item of clothing here and there.

This concept of budgeting is going to be familiar to you. Economists have a technical term for it.

Opportunity cost.

Put simply, whatever you buy there is an opportunity lost elsewhere, there is a cost. If in the first month you buy a £100 fishing reel, there is the opportunity cost of the holiday savings or the furniture.

This is the underlying concept of In a World with unlimited products, but a limited budget, smart people decide how much money to allocate to each need or desire to maximize their spending power and happiness.

Within the realms of fishing gear, the concept of opportunity cost is even more important. Most people build up their fishing tackle collection up over the years, they sometimes even change the type of fishing that they are interested in. You have probably heard of the match fisherman who has spent £10,000 building up their equipment, only to decide that they prefer carp fishing instead. (This happens in reverse as well).

Another topic to consider is the fact that sometimes the most expensive fishing tackle is great value for money, and makes a real difference to your results. In other cases the mid-priced, or cheap non-branded alternative is just as good.

For example, you might not want to buy the cheapest possible hooks, in case they snapped during battle with a fish of a lifetime… But are the rubber beads that cost £3 per 20 really any different than the ones that are £1 per 20? Sometimes, cheap fishing tackle makes complete sense, regardless of your individual budget.


Prioritize what is more important to YOUR fishing experience

By prioritizing which items to splurge on, and which to economize on, you will be able to build up your fishing equipment more quickly, and might be able to set aside some savings for that holiday or some new clothes as well!

If you fish at a place where the fish catching “hot spot” is at 120 to 150 yards range, then your rods and reels are likely to be a priority, you will want some expensive ones. In this situation you might economize on bait, camouflage clothing, or your trolley and carry bags.

If you fish rivers and canals, the rods and reels will be far less important, but a quality trolley system and clothing that blends in might be a priority.

Sometimes there are situations where the cheap fishing tackle is almost the same. Just like “own label” supermarket products that are made by the same manufacturers, most fishing equipment gets made in China. You might see fishing gear from a British or American company, but the chances are that the company brand is from the UK or the US. The equipment might have been assembled or finished in the UK. But the chances are that the parts, or even the complete piece of equipment was made in China. The same thing applies to mountain bikes, they nearly all come from the same factories, to different manufacturers specifications.

Finally, there are fishing items and accessories are used by fishermen that are not necessarily designed for them. You might find a similar item in the camping store that is much cheaper than a branded version designed for the fishing market.

A woolly hat with a logo of your favorite tackle manufacturer on looks great. But do you really need the matching underpants and socks?

Maybe money is no object for you, maybe you want EVERYTHING labeled with the same brand. If this is the case, thanks for visiting our site, but you might as well leave now.

For everyone else, we will feature articles and adverts selected with value in mind. The tackle and equipment that is of similar quality to the top stuff, but cheaper, and the things that can be compromised on in order to give you more funds for the important stuff! By realizing where cheap fishing tackle is less important, or where it is just as good as the expensive equipment, you can get the full set up more quickly, and have money left over for other things.